Portal de Eventos y Memorias UPTC, III Seminario Internacional de Ingeniería Sísmica Y Geotecnia

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Sarada K. Sarma.

Última modificación: 2015-04-23


Engineering Seismology is the study of Seismology as related to Engineering. This involves understanding the source, the size and the mechanisms of earthquakes, how the ground motion propagates from the source to the site of engineering importance, the characteristics of ground motion at the site and how the ground motion is evaluated for engineering design. This subject is therefore related to the hazard of earthquakes. The seismic hazard at a site cannot be controlled. It can only be assessed. In the same context, Earthquake Engineering is the subject of analysis and design of structures to resist stresses caused by the earthquake ground motion. Resisting the stresses imply either resisting without failure or yielding to the stresses gracefully without collapse. This subject is related to the vulnerability of built structures to seismic ground motion. The vulnerability is controlled by design. The decision to control the vulnerability of a structure is based on the economics of the situation and on the judgement about the acceptable risk to the community.

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